Lawn Edger Testimonials

Hello Bob, My new step-n-edge came extremely fast, and I am so thrilled at how easy it is to use.  You have developed a great tool that I will recommend to anyone that needs a lawn edger!

Thanks, Debbie Volle, Madras, OR

Bob, Received my edger by UPS today.  Have already done my drive, sidewalk and 3 beds that total about 125 feet in circumference.  I am very satisfied with the results and with the quality of the tool.

Thanks, Ron Wickham, Amelia Island, Florida

The lawn edger has arrived and worked better than expected and I have already sold one for you to a friend.  Thanks for the speedy service and quality product.


My husband and I both agree the lawn edger is GREAT!  We sculpted all around our house, our children's play area, around the gazebo and pond.  AWESOME TOOL.  Best thing we ever bought for the lawn!  Thank you. 

Vicki Phillips, New York

Gosh Bob, you don't need me as your rep.  But you can use my comments. I like a product that:

  1. saves me money
  2. does what it says it will do
  3. makes my yard look good and
  4. is easy to use.

I would recommend that first time users either wait until after a nice rain shower or get the area damp to make the edger work easier. But once you get that first edge down it's a breeze keeping it. Have a great day and God bless.

Steve Muzick, Florida

The step-and-edge is a simple and easy to use tool. I'm a woman and to cut the heavy growth of Bermuda grass along my driveway was very difficult for me but my son was able to use the step and edge just as it was described, walking through with the edger.  The tool is easy to clean and store.  Even though I couldn't handle the big job along my driveway myself, I still am quite satisfied with the tool, price, and use.

Jean Edmundson, Texas

LawnEdger does what you promise.  Mostly, I find damp ground is best and I wear my work boots for added
strength.  Women, take note.

Dolores Isabella, Rhode Island

I purchased this edging tool through the internet with some concern.  It looked good on the screen but I have been stung before.

Received the tool promptly after ordering and put it immediately to work.  To my delight it worked just as advertised.  Took a little practice but edged my lawn beautifully.  I would recommend this tool highly.

Leonard Burns