Patio DIY

A precision lawn edger is invaluable in many situations other than along the drive or garden. Cutting an aesthetically pleasing shape for your new patio is not unlike the method demonstrated on our Reshaping Page.

Careful cutting of the perimeter with the #1 Lawn Edger is done first.

Now remove the sod from the new patio or walk area using your edger... for bigger areas renting a sod cutter like our BullDog cutter may be easier.

Remove excess soil to allow for paver depth and recomended depth (usually about another 3") of sand or gravel bedding (see your local builder supply for advice for your area).

Screed the soil base level with the help of a friend and a board turned on edge.

I've had good luck with then compacting the base thoroughly with a rented Plate Compactor similar to a PB137 from my local rental yard.  

Lay your stone or brick in place, checking for level on a regular basis. Be sure to tap down high spots with a firm rap from a rubber mallet!

When done with laying pavers, cover the entire survace with a treated "locking sand" to fill the voids between the pavers. Sweep this sand mixture across the surface to cover every gap. The plate compactor may be used to vibrate the sand into the cracks more efficiantly if necesary. Finish by sweeping off the excess and gently watering with a hose to "set" the locking sand.


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