Manual Sod Cutter - Lawn Edger, Home Gardern Lawn Edging Sod Cutting Tool


As you can see, this sod cutter / edger does the job right when precision is important!



#1 Lawn Edger Sod Cutter is by far the best Stainless Steel bladed manual lawn edger and gardon sod cutter tool.

Without a doubt, the finest lawn edger on the market!

Superior to the lawn roller edger and the half moon edger, the only other two major edge


rs available. It is a "Must Have" wether you're planning to redesign your lawn or cut angles, straight edges or sod for your beautiful new yard.

The #1 Lawn Edger Sod Cutter does not require bending or straining to use, just an even heel-to-toe walking motion. About the same size as a garden rake or hoe, and is made out of durable steel with a wooden handle for strength and durability. #1 Lawn Edger Sod Cutte is easy to use, clean, and is simple to maintain.

guaranteed.gifThe Lawn Roller and Half Moon Edgers can't compare with the #1 Lawn Edger ease of use and no back strain walk and cut technique. These other edgers do not offer this conveniance because of inferior design. Also, there is no reason you should need to wear protective goggles to shield yourself from rocks and other flying debris associated with electric and gas powered edgers.

So buy #1 lawn Edger and let worries be a thing of the past!

As you can see, other lawn edgers can't match #1 Lawn Edger's conveniance, ease of use, quickness, and price. Accept no substitutes or cheap imatations. So what's stopping you from getting the best - easiest to use lawn edger ever?